• To advance cancer research by providing a conduit for donations from the private and business sectors of Auburn and surrounding areas.

  • To stimulate ongoing contributions by maintaining an active and prominent profile in the community.  

  • Funds raised will go to the Auburn Community Cancer Endowed Chair in Basic Science at UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Bart O'Brien - Chairman

Previous Board Members

  • Bart O'Brien - Chairman 
  • Betty Bennett - Co Vice Chair
  • Ron Martinez - Co Vice Chair
  • Sherry Wicks - Secretary
  • Phil Booker - Treasurer 
  • Dick Azevedo
  • Kim Cagle
  • Peggy Dwelle
  • Don Anderson
  • Matt Spokely
  • John Ruffcorn
  • Don Gwinn
  • Stu Jann
  • Cheryl Maki
  • Bart Ruud
  • Jackie Traynor

History of ACCEF

In April 2001, several concerned citizens in the Auburn area agreed to raise a significant amount of money to support cancer research.  After careful consideration, and after reviewing several options, they decided to support the UC Davis Cancer Center.  Its reputation for innovative research and quality care made the decision to choose the only major cancer research center in this area an easy one.  The founders were also aware that the National Cancer Institute designation was soon to be awarded to UC Davis Cancer Center. 

By August 2001 over $100,000 in contributions had been raised.  By January 2004, the group had raised over $550,000.  After many fundraising events, the ACCEF was funded in 2007 with $1.5M.

We continue to grow the ACCEF to further support the fight against cancer.  Every contribution helps with this fight.

Auburn Community Cancer Endowment Fund

 A Community Effort to fight Cancer

Former ACCEF Endowed Chair, Dr. Hsing-Jien Kung with Virgil Traynor and Betty Bennett